High Speed Rollers

High Speed/Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid Roll doors enable energy and cost savings as well as optimized traffic flows, production and logistic activities. Safe, reliable, maintenance and user friendly.

Fast opening and closing speeds help maintain controlled environments as well as reducing your energy bills.

Rapid Roll Doors are suitable for food manufacture, pharmaceutical manufacture, industry. External applications and internal along with specific duties such as Freezer and Clean Room. All meet the requirements of the European standard EN13241-1.

Clean Room

Used in environments that are sensitive to contamination, for specific pharmaceutical, cosmetic or industrial applications. The clean room (or white room) is an enclosed and isolated space. This space manages a concentration of particles that are contained within it are highly monitored and controlled. Temperature, hygrometry or relative pressure are maintained and precisely controlled.

Cold Room

Used mainly in restoration, industrial, distribution and agribusiness as well as by laboratories and logistics warehouses. The cold room ensures the preservation of sensitive and perishable products. Even in frequently accessed areas, cold room doors must ensure that temperature variations and traffic-related increases in energy consumption are kept within certain limits.

A Cold Room high-speed door is dedicated to refrigerating environments (cold stores and cold rooms). This guarantees compliance with hygiene regulations, secures the cold chain and ensures thermal insulation and sealing, even in extreme conditions.


Farms and agri-food industries participate in the production and/or processing of food products into finished products. This means they must comply with the procedures and regulations relating to hygiene. This isĀ  particularly important for the avoidance of any health risks.


The highly diversified industrial sector encompasses all the economic activities of producing goods from raw materials and energy sources. These activities include, in particular, the pharmaceutical industry, textiles, armaments, automobiles, agri-food, and many others. Production plants and all industrial activities are governed by standards and regulations, particularly with regard to protection, safety and hygiene for people and the environment.

High-speed doors are designed to equip regularly used external and internal accesses to provide thermal insulation or delineate areas of activity in industrial buildings. The solutions adapt to the specific requirements of each sector: energy costs, security, specific configuration, standards and regulations.


High speed doors are available for both internal and external applications and can be tailored to suit a range of applications. Contact us for a quote.