Loading Bay Equipment

Dock Levellers

Dock levellers reduce the risk of injury to workers with the added benefits of improved productivity and a reduction in damaged goods and equipment.   Dock levellers are designed to the optimum health and safety standards and can be interlocked with the loading bay door to ensure safe, easy and correct operation.

Vehicle Restraint Systems

The risk of damage or accidents during loading and unloading activities increases significantly as a result of tight time constraints. The communication between warehouse staff and drivers in their cabs often leaves a lot to be desired.

Prematurely driving away from the dock while the truck is still being loaded or unloaded or vehicle “creeping” is not uncommon. A vehicle restraint can prevent these risks on the work floor.

More reliable, durable, safer and intelligent than any other system. The unique COMBILOK® vehicle restraint system with integrated wheel guides from Stertil limits all risks and offers many unique safety benefits. This can also be interlocked with Dock Levellers and Loading Bay Doors and when combined with acoustic warning and/or traffic light systems offer your workers increased safety.

Dock Seal and Shelter

Seals and shelters reduce the chance of accidents and damage. The seal will also ensure temperature-controlled environments are kept at optimum levels. The shelter furthermore provides protection from airborne pollutants, insects and the effects of weather conditions. In this manner energy consumption is lowered and absenteeism is reduced. Also shelters prevent unauthorised access to the warehouse.